Main Dishes

  • Appetizer:

    Shrimp Dumplings(4pcs)----------$4.75

    Pan-Fried Dumplings(3pcs)----------$3.25

    Sesame Flavor Sliced Jelly Fish----------$16.95

    Salt & Pepper Fried Squid----------$12.95

    Cold Cut Platter (Two Combination)----------$18.95

    Duck Tougue (Crispy) in Hong Kong Style----------$12.95

    Steamed Pork Shumai(4pcs)----------$3.75

    Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls(3pcs)----------$3.25

    Spicy Cold Jelly Fish----------$12.95

    Salt & Pepper Fried Anchovy----------$10.95

    House Special Roast Suckling Pig Platter----------$68.95

    Delicious Snail with Fish Flavors Sauce----------$11.95


    Sauteed Sliced Conch----------$29.95

    Sauteed Sliced Conch w/Fried Bean Curd----------$33.95

    Prawns w/Mayonnaise Sauce & Walnut----------$19.95

    Salt Baked Squid w/Garlic----------$12.95

    Snails in Fish Sauce----------$14.95

    Snails w/Salt & Spice----------$14.95

    Shrimp w/ Cashew Nuts----------$14.95

    Boiled Sliced Conch----------$29.95

    Prawns w/Lobster Sauce----------$19.95

    Salt Baked Triple Delight----------$19.95

    Dry Squid Slice w/ Chives----------$19.95

    Snails w/Black Bean Sauce----------$14.95

    Szechuan Shrimp----------$14.95

    Live Seafood & Fish:

    Live Shrimps----------S.P.

    Sauteed Flounder Cubes w/Crispy Fin----------$29.95

    Steam Carp Fish w/ Pickle----------$11.95

    Live Fishes----------S.P.

    Live Crab----------S.P.

    Live Geoduck (Jumbo Clam)----------S.P.

    Steam Flounder----------$19.95

    Fried Flounder----------$19.95

    Live Lobster----------S.P.


    Fried Crispy Chicken (Half)----------$12.95

    Peking Duck----------$32.00

    Sesame Chicken----------$11.95

    Chicken w/Black Bean Sauce----------$11.95

    Chicken w/ Broccoli----------$11.95

    Roast Squab----------S.P.

    Boiled Chicken w/Ginger Sauce (Half)----------$12.95

    Diced Chicken w/Cashew Nuts----------$11.95

    Shredded Chicken w/Garlic Sauce----------$11.95

    Diced Chicken w/Chili Pepper----------$11.95

    Chicken w/ Assorted Vegetables----------$11.95

    Meat Dishes:

    Sweet & Sour Pork----------$11.95

    House Special T-Bone Steak----------$21.95

    Beef w/ Scallion----------$12.95

    Beef w/ Bitter Melon----------$12.95

    Beef Short Rib w/ Shallot & Garlic----------$13.95

    Pork Chop w/ Salt & Spice----------$11.95

    Shredded Pork w/ Yellow Chives & Bean Sprouts----------$11.95

    Beef Short Rib w/ Black Pepper Sauce----------$13.95

    T-Bone Steak Cube w/ Chives----------$21.95

    Beef w/ Bamboo Shoot & Mushroom----------$12.95

    Beef w/ Chinese Green----------$12.95

    Pork Chop Peking Style----------$11.95

    Filet Steak Cantonese Style----------$14.95

    Hot Pot:

    Frog w/ Mushrooms----------$18.95

    Bean Curd & Salt Fish w/Diced Chicken----------$13.95

    Bean Curd & Seafood----------$16.95

    Bean Curd & Vegetables----------$14.95

    Bean Curd & Fish Filet----------$13.95

    Bean Curd & Clam----------$13.95

    Fresh Mushrooms & Rock Cod----------$13.95

    Beef Belly Slice----------$14.95

    Bean Curd & Carp----------$13.95

    Vegetables & Bean Curd:

    Braised Bean Curd w/ Vegetable----------$10.95

    Snow Pea Leaf w/ Crab Meat----------$18.95

    Snow Pea Leaf w/ Garlic----------$14.95

    Sauteed Chinese Greens----------$10.95

    Baby Bok Choy w/ Garlic----------$10.95

    Deep Fried Bean Curd----------$10.95

    Snow Pea Leaf W/ Conpoy & Soup----------$16.95

    Baby Broccoli w/ Garlic----------$10.95

    Chinese Broccoli w/ Oyster Sauce----------$10.95

    Eggplant w/ Garlic Sauce----------$10.95


    Assorted Seafood Soup w/Bean Curd----------$13.95

    Fish Maws Soup w/ Crab Meat----------$18.95

    Sweet Corn Soup w/ Chicken----------$11.95

    Mustard Green Soup w/ Pork----------$11.95

    Coriander Soup w/ Beef----------$12.95

    Assorted Seafood Soup w/ Conpoy----------$16.95

    Coriander Soup with Fish & Preserved Egg----------$11.95