About Us

New York’s largest Cantonese Restaurant

Royal Queen is the largest Cantonese restaurants in New York city. It has been very popular among the people since the opening。The place is luxuriously decorated with comfortable seating. The hall can accommodate 1,400 customers. With spacious dinning rooms, it is suitable for all kinds of weddings and parties. The restaurant specially recruited Jacky as their top chef. He has more than 40 years of experience in making dim sum. The place has unique menus for both morning tea and the high tea. Let the customers who love dim sum can really enjoy the food at any time.

Five Star Food

Beyond these unique dim sum, Royal Queen has many other popular dishes. The restaurant is charged by Fei OuYang, the main chef and ZiCong Chen, the carving master. The most famous dishes include Grand Whelk, Lobster w/ Garlic, and King Abalone w/ Oyster sauce, are absolute delicious. We hope every customer come to our restaurant to enjoy five star food with affordable price.

Top Chef, Jacky Lok

"Jacky Lok, top chef, from HongKong, has more than 40 years of experience in making Cantonese style Dim Sum. Previous to coming here, he worked at the listed food company in HongKong for 18 years. He served as a chef manager when he was 28 years old. No one can deny his talent. He loves to study and constantly bring new ideas into practice. He creates his own unique style of Dim Sum. " - Royal Queen